Spa products from Thai herbs
Spa products from Thai herbs





ผลิตภัณฑ์ สปาจากธรรมชาติ และสมุนไพรไทย


Thai Spa Product for facial and Body


 ผลิตภัณฑ์ สปา จากธรรมชาติ และ สมุนไพรไทย ผลิตตามสั่งในปริมาณค้าส่ง ไม่จำหน่ายปลีก ติดต่อใน contact form

                                              We have many Spa products for body, facial  produced from Thai Herbs .(Made to order) accept only bulk quantity.   Please fill your required detail in contact form.                                              


Massage products 

Herbal Ball for Body, Facial

Thai herbal ball (Luk pra kob)ลูกประคบ

Application : To reduce tendon and joint swelling and muscle pain. Massage the herbal ball on the body and neck to stimulate blood flow nerve stimulation and to relax your body.

Direction : Steam herbal ball 5-10 min or spray water then put it in the microwave 1-2 min.Massage on painful parts of the body, swollen joints, or muscles.

Have three sizes:250 g,200g,150g for all body and 30 g for facial




The Camalina Herbal Heat Bag

Active Ingredient :Zingiber Cassumunar, Turmeric, Citrus Hystrix, Citronella Grass,Tamarind Leaf , Ginger , Borneo Camphor, Menthol, Etc.

Description:A new product for spa massage with herbal compress and holistic health treatments: “The Camalina Herbal Heat Bag” uses a combination of over ten carefully selected Thai herbs in one compress. Each herb works its specific healing when absorbed into the skin. Some, for example, relieve muscle pain, while others improve the skin quality


Hot Herbal Neck Massage

Hot Herbal Neck Massage is creatively desigend from Thai natural cotton,wooden knobs and filled with stuff of natural materials and selectedThai herbs.The wooden knobs stimulate blood circulation,induce relaxation muscle,nerves and joints.The scent of Thai herb help for relaxing and the effect of Thai herbs can relieve muscle aches and any tension from neck muscle.






Eye pillow

Eye pillow is a handmade with natural substance cover with Thai cotton. It's provide a gentle weight to sooth tired eyes and calming blend of Thai flower and Thai herb as your satisfaction to induce relaxation, sooth away stress and tension and relieve your headaches also has a special ability to keep cold so you can refrigerate the eye pillow and place on your eyes to reduce swelling, puffy eyes and dark circle. The product is softly touchable and not affects to your skin.



Amber Set 

Shower gel, Shampoo and Body scrub.

All products made in Thailand.
















Products from Thai Herbs

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